Kultūros Dokas is an innovative web application modernising cultural experiences in Kaunas, Lithuania. It works like a game – you get a physical card by attending a cultural event, e.g. exhibition, performance. You also receive digital points when you register a card on your web profile – points get exchanged for gifts. The platform's goal is to draw more people's attention to the art scene, as well as reward cultural enthusiasts with a pocket art collection. 
Project goals
My task was to create an identity that would 1) be easily adaptable to match any events' visual style, while still being recognised as Kultūros Dokas; 2) be visually appropriate for the cultural context without looking too snobbish.
My solutions
With this amazing team, we managed to tick all the boxes – the identity is easily transformable, appropriate and also fun. My solution was to create "amoebas" – angular shapes with a soft abstract illustrations inside. These illustrations can blend into any event's colour palette, while the angular shape can be recognised as Kultūros Dokas. 
Colours and graphic elements
I created the angular shapes with abstract illustrations inside, so they could blend into any event's colour palette if needed. ​​​​​​​13th Kaunas Biennial was the first event that Kultūros Dokas had to blend into. The Biennial's main colour was sky blue, so the amoeba was filled with a soft sky blue gradient. It blended into the Biennial's visual style seamlessly.
​​​​​​​Client: Kultūros dokas
Sector: Arts and culture
Services provided: Identity design, logo, print design, web design
Location: Lithuania
Year: 2021
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