Youngs' Club is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a bar that makes amazing cocktails, as well as host a lot of music events. They reached out to me because their visual identity did not represent the spirit of the club. Since Youngs' Club is located in an old school marketplace, client felt the visual style had to correspond to the vintage vibe of the place. 
Pain points
On social media, club was using only one template for every event. The template was being modified at least 3 times a week, so it was very difficult to distinguish old events from new. The master template was being changed once in every two months, so it looked too repetitive as well. 
Project goals
My objective was to make a strong visual identity that represented the club's vibe and made it distinguishable on social media. Because of great communication with the client, we have managed to create a cool visual style that captures the vintage spirit of the club.
My solutions
I started by tackling with social media design and afterwards we changed the menu design. To make the identity look less repetitive over time, I did not limit myself to a one brand colour or typeface. The colours used in this identity are rich and create a vintage feel. The fonts used in headlines are very decorative, they are being paired with simple serif typefaces. Club had many amazing photos, so we decided to make use of them on social media. They are being put into "cut arcs" to enhance the vintage, art deco-ish vibe. 
Client: Youngs' Club
Sector: club, music events
Services provided: branding, social media, menu design, print design
Location: Lithuania
Year: 2020
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